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Andy Hecht

Top 3 Ranking in Commodities, Metals & FX --SeekingAlpha

Andy Hecht covers primarily commodities and forex as one of the original contributing analysts at FATRADER. He is one of the leading contributors on Seeking Alpha where he writes prolifically and has a top 3 ranking in commodities, precious metals, and foreign exchange.

Andy has been trading and analyzing the markets since the early 1980s. He was a senior trader at one of the world’s leading commodities trading houses, Philipp Brothers, for over two decades where he ran several raw material businesses for the firm. He has worked and consulted for banks, hedge funds, and commodities producers and consumers around the world.

Andy's interactions with the world’s leading consumers, producers, and speculators provide him with robust insight into the raw material markets. He has been responsible for and participated in some of the largest proprietary positions in the commodities markets since the 1990s. His unique experience in a broad range of commodities markets allows him to analyze and identify opportunities in the volatile world of raw materials. He uses a Technomental approach which combines fundamental supply and demand data with technical analysis that highlights sentiment and herd behavior in markets.

The commodities asset class is global. While production is a local affair, consumption is ubiquitous. Macro and microeconomic trends impact the path of least resistance of everything from crude oil to cotton, copper to soybeans, and gold to live cattle. Andy’s investment and trading philosophy center around attention to risk-reward and discipline when approaching opportunities in the commodities and markets across all asset classes.

The path of least resistance of commodities prices is a significant input when it comes to the global economy and markets across all asset classes. Following the commodities markets can only enhance your investment and trading calculus, and Andy’s experience and advice will help to point you in the right direction.

Story Archive


Backwardation And Contango- Realtime Indicators Of Supply And Demand Fundamentals

When it comes to analyzing the supply and demand balance for commodities, the forward curve is one of the most useful tools.
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Even if an investor or trader never ventures into the volatile asset class, knowledge about price trends and factors affecting the commodities market is a key variable in the calculus of markets.
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Risk-reward favors a significant recovery in the price of coffee futures sooner rather than later.
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An Education In The Calculus of the Crude Oil Market

The crude oil market looks set to continue to make higher lows and higher highs based on variables when it comes to the calculus of the oil market.
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Central Banks and the Gold Market- Will They Get It Right This Time?

Gold is gold, and it has been around for thousands of years as a store of value and means of exchange.
by Andy Hecht - 1 month ago

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