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Top 3 Ranking in Commodities, Metals & FX --SeekingAlpha

Andy Hecht covers primarily commodities and forex as one of the original contributing analysts at FATRADER. He is one of the leading contributors on Seeking Alpha where he writes prolifically and has a top 3 ranking in commodities, precious metals, and foreign exchange.

Andy has been trading and analyzing the markets since the early 1980s. He was a senior trader at one of the world’s leading commodities trading houses, Philipp Brothers, for over two decades where he ran several raw material businesses for the firm. He has worked and consulted for banks, hedge funds, and commodities producers and consumers around the world.

Andy's interactions with the world’s leading consumers, producers, and speculators provide him with robust insight into the raw material markets. He has been responsible for and participated in some of the largest proprietary positions in the commodities markets since the 1990s. His unique experience in a broad range of commodities markets allows him to analyze and identify opportunities in the volatile world of raw materials. He uses a Technomental approach which combines fundamental supply and demand data with technical analysis that highlights sentiment and herd behavior in markets.

The commodities asset class is global. While production is a local affair, consumption is ubiquitous. Macro and microeconomic trends impact the path of least resistance of everything from crude oil to cotton, copper to soybeans, and gold to live cattle. Andy’s investment and trading philosophy center around attention to risk-reward and discipline when approaching opportunities in the commodities and markets across all asset classes.

The path of least resistance of commodities prices is a significant input when it comes to the global economy and markets across all asset classes. Following the commodities markets can only enhance your investment and trading calculus, and Andy’s experience and advice will help to point you in the right direction.

Story Archive

Brexit Is A Reminder That Volatility Is Here For The Long Run

The latest events surrounding Brexit are a reminder that volatility in markets will continue as the UK is now set up for a do-over vote on the divorce from the EU. Volatility in the British pound currency will continue.
By Andy Hecht

Copper Waits For News

The falling dollar, declining stockpiles on the LME and COMEX, and optimism over progress in negotiations could make both copper and FCX an attractive buy at their current levels.
By Andy Hecht

The Dollar And Gold

The dollar and gold have an inverse history. A strong dollar had tended to weigh on the price of gold while a weaker dollar had been supportive of the price of the precious metal. These days, however, both the dollar and gold are exhibiting price strength.
By Andy Hecht

Issues On The Horizon In The Final Quarter of 2019 In Commodities

The many issues facing markets in Q4 are likely to present more than a handful of trading opportunities over the coming months. With the natural gas market moving into its peak season of demand in November and the price at the $2.40 per MMBtu level, the energy commodity is one of my favorite plays.
By Andy Hecht

Crude Oil- Pulled In Opposite Directions

The oil market looks like the price of the energy commodity is heading lower, but it is not all that simple from a fundamental standpoint. Recession is bearish, but Iran is bullish. The news cycle could cause lots of volatility in the world’s most ubiquitous energy commodity before it decides on a price direction.
By Andy Hecht

In Risk-Off Markets All Asset Prices Tend To Go Lower And Create Opportunity

History teaches us that the best time to buy stocks and commodities is when fear reaches a peak. For the coming weeks and months, tight stops and discipline will allow for bargain hunting when others are calling market swoons financial Armageddon.
By Andy Hecht

Bullish Bonanza In Precious Metals

Over the past week, both metals rallied to higher highs as the buying continues to usher in a new era of luster for gold and silver.
By Andy Hecht

Central Bank Accommodation Is An Addiction

While the global financial crisis of 2008 has faded in the market’s rearview mirror, the world’s central banks remain addicted to stimulus.
By Andy Hecht

Precious Metals And The Strong Dollar

Is a strong dollar mutually exclusive with a bull market in precious metals prices? The answer may be no when all currencies in the world are losing value.
By Andy Hecht

Silver And Oil- A Tale Of Two Directions

In the world of commodities, most market participants pay most attention to the crude oil and precious metals markets. This past week, gold and silver headed higher while the energy commodity went the other way.
By Andy Hecht

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