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Beth Kindig

Predicted Facebook's Q2 '18 drop & Roku's meteoric rise

Beth Kindig is a contributing analyst to FATRADER covering technology. She predicted the Q2 2018 Facebook drop and Roku's meteoric rise from $18 per share in 2018.

Beth is a prolific tech analyst from San Francisco with over 700 articles in the last 7 years. She has held senior-level product marketing and developer evangelist roles at tech companies in Silicon Valley representing products in data, security, the internet of things, connected cars, connected home, mobile, encryption, health care, and finance tech.

Her articles have been featured in Venture Beat, MediaPost, AdExchanger, and the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She has written over 30 reports and whitepapers on enterprise technologies. She has been a technical speaker at Android Developers Conference, GamesBeat, Advertising Week NYC, Tech Week and more.

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Breaking Down China’s Cloud IaaS and AI Market

The goal of this analysis is to look closer at cloud infrastructure-as-a-service for the geographic region of China, and to analyze the forward growth of the leading cloud provider in China, Alibaba.
by Beth Kindig - 6 days ago

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