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Eric Basmajian

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Eric Basmajian is a contributing analyst to FATRADER focusing on macro trends. Marrying a diverse background, with a degree in economics and experience at a quantitative hedge fund, Eric has developed a unique methodology to forecast major economic inflection points.

Eric provides macroeconomic research that spans across three distinct time durations. With a focus on the 12-36 month growth rate cycle, the 6-10 year business cycle and the 10+ year secular forces that drive economies, Eric provides some of the most comprehensive coverage of macro trends available.

Armed with a degree in economics from New York University and statistical knowledge from his hedge fund experience, Eric has developed a unique strategy for modeling economic trends. This strictly data-driven approach to economic analysis has allowed Eric to become the #1 read Economics contributor on Seeking Alpha.

Story Archive


Housing Market Index

The Housing Market Index (HMI) for March was released this morning and showed a reading of 62, one point shy of the expected reading of 63, flat month over month, and well off the high of 74 in December of 2017.
by Eric Basmajian - 1 day ago


The Counterintuitive Nature Of The US Dollar

If the US economy slows sharply, the dollar will likely strengthen against emerging market currencies which is why a pronounced weakness in EM currencies or strength in the US dollar relative to EM currencies is one of the earliest indicators in economics.
by Eric Basmajian - 2 days ago


International Recap - Market Analysis on Mar 11th, 2019

As we start the week and look at retail sales this morning for domestic data, there were a few key economic releases from international markets that continue to point towards soft global growth.
by Eric Basmajian - 1 week ago


Growth Continues To Slow

There were two data releases this morning, the employment report and the housing starts report.
by Eric Basmajian - 1 week ago

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