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Jeff Miller

"The Man Who Called Dow 20,000" --CNBC

Jeffrey Miller is a contributing analyst at FATRADER providing economic analysis as well as market forecasts. Through his years of experience in trading options, futures, and equities, as well as in quantitative modeling, Jeff has come to be regarded as an expert on economics, market reaction to news events, and computer-based trading.

Jeff is renowned as "The Man Who Called Dow 20,000," as CNBC referred to him in a December 2016 interview. The Dow at the time was just reaching the milestone Jeff predicted back in 2010 when the index was only at 10,000.

Jeff holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan. A former college professor, he taught advanced research methods at the University of Wisconsin, where his quantitative modeling and analysis of tax policy helped inform state and local officials in Wisconsin for more than a decade.

Jeff started off in the financial business in 1987 as research director for a trading firm at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He investigated anomalies in the standard option pricing models and developed new forecasting techniques. Merging these quantitative techniques with specific company analysis, Jeff also generated trading ideas from sell-side analyst reports.

In 1991 Jeff established a general research consultancy, undertaking projects in both financial futures and options with professional traders at all of the Chicago financial exchanges.

In 1998 he started NewArc Investments, Inc., where he currently manages both individual and institutional investments. He is also occasionally an expert witness in legal cases involving financial markets and hedging.

Jeff has authored a series of papers on investment management, describing both quantitative methods and those related to behavioral economics. A widely followed financial columnist, he has been featured on TheStreet's Real Money, Yahoo Finance, and Seeking Alpha, where he is consistently ranked among the top 3 contributors for Economics.

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