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Kirk Spano

"World's Next Great Investing Columnist" --MarketWatch

Kirk Spano is a contributing analyst at FATRADER who focuses his research on sustainable investing and its intersection with, what he has dubbed in the press, the "smart everything world." He was named the "Next Great Investing Columnist" at MarketWatch and now contributes regularly to Seeking Alpha. He is also a top-rated analyst at TipRanks.

Kirk has managed money for affluent clients since 1996. He founded Bluemound Asset Management, LLC, a fee-only registered investment advisor, in 2010 to break-away from the underwhelming brokerage industry. Bluemound has become a "sustainable investing" firm in response to the massive trends underway globally and the need for clients to transition away from investments in dying industries. Kirk believes that sustainability is a moral social issue, but that it is also the most likely place to make outsize profits in coming decades.

Kirk has covered technology since the 1990s and sidestepped the “tech wreck” for clients. In January 2008, he wrote: "The volatility we saw in 2007 is not likely to subside in the short run. In fact, I believe that the problems at Bear Stearns are the tip of the iceberg regarding problems that are likely to emerge in the financial sector." He also predicted the shale boom (2011) and bust (2014) ahead of almost the entire market. Kirk’s move to fully focus on sustainability issues, including alternative energy, smart grid, EVs, agriculture, healthcare and water among other topics, is borne of the massive secular trends he sees developing.

Kirk’s analysis has been shared with hundreds of subscribers to previous investment letters and millions of readers of his columns. He is primarily a position trader for core positions and uses quantitative analysis for swing trading. His approach, which analyzes secular trends, government and central bank policies, fundamentals and price trend analysis, can be adopted by growth investors and income seekers alike.

Story Archive


Big Trends, Small Trades: The Smart Grid

"Big Trends, Small Trades" will be a regular part of my contribution to FATrader. The simple math here is to identify industry trends in the emerging sustainable economy and make small trades to build long-term positions.
by Kirk Spano - 2 weeks ago

No More Free-ridership For Fossil Fuels

At this point in history, if the true cost of fossil fuels is considered including externalities it is easy to start showing that alternative energy is actually cheaper.
by Kirk Spano - 2 weeks ago


Here's The Biggest New Trend In Investing

The three most powerful natural forces in the global economy are aging-demographics, technology and climate change.
by Kirk Spano - 3 weeks ago

Alphabet (GOOG) SWOT Analysis

Alphabet (GOOG) is an extremely well positioned company for the "smart everything" world that is developing.
by Kirk Spano - 1 month ago

Encana: One of My Dirty Dozen Oil Stocks for 2019

Encana (ECA) is one of the oil stocks that took a beating in Q4 2018. I think it is poised to double or triple in the next 18-30 months, and is one of my dirty dozen oil stocks for 2019.
by Kirk Spano - 1 month ago

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