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Ryan Wilday

One of the Web's Top Crypto Analysts!

Ryan Wilday is a contributing analyst to FATRADER focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain. A veteran cryptocurrency analyst and author of two e-books on the topic, Ryan cautioned traders during crypto's top in December 2017 and called the support level Bitcoin reached near $3000 months in advance.

Ryan has 19 years experience trading equities, futures and options, plus an MBA. He was introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2013 by a programmer friend, and began mining and trading shortly thereafter. In 2017, he became an analyst at ElliottWaveTrader.net, where he hosts a premium service on Cryptocurrency Trading.

In December 2017, when Bitcoin surpassed his $14,000 target, Ryan warned that cryptocurrencies were getting frothy and suggested that subscribers cut at least some of their holdings. When the crypto market confirmed failure of the Feb 2018 rally, he noted long-term support for Bitcoin at $4600-3000, and so far it has bottomed at $3120.

Ryan is widely followed online as a contributor to MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha, Nasdaq, and many other sites, and is a popular speaker at financial forums and conferences, such as The Money Show and Traders Expo.

He is also author of the eBooks: "The Risks & Rewards of Cryptocurrencies" and "10 Rules To Be A Successful Crypto Trader."

Story Archive

Bitcoin Bottoming In Process

The bottom process in Bitcoin is still, well, in process. We are seeing immense chop here and no impulsive structures off our lows, so we must assume the bottom is not yet in.
By Ryan Wilday

Bitcoin / GBTC Update

This is a scalpers market right now, until this correction is over.
By Ryan Wilday

Trend Toward Crypto Gaming

One trend in cryptocurrency I am watching fairly closely is crypto gaming, which can ease the "get paid to play" environment and help eliminate fraudulent transactions.
By Ryan Wilday

The BNB Token

One of the strongest ‘alt coins of this year has been Binance coin (BNB).
By Ryan Wilday

Bitcoin/GBTC Update

We've seen some nice impulsive follow through on the bearish counts, and until I see an impulsive structure to the upside I'll be looking down, even to $4300 BTC and $157 Ethereum, if this market wants to roll that far, though I'm a bit skeptical it will.
By Ryan Wilday

Why is Bitcoin So Bullish?

I’m going to weigh in on this question of why Bitcoin is moving so bullishly in 2019. I see three main driving forces that are meaningful: Refugee Capital, Institutional Hoarding, and "the Shorter’s Disease."
By Ryan Wilday

Crypto Biz Models

When you’re thinking about Crypto from a fundamental standpoint, it is important to understand the business, development, and economic model behind the coin, which may ultimately affect value of the coin, and risk underlying your assets.
By Ryan Wilday

Holding Crypto Long Term

After experiencing two bear markets in Bitcoin, and the last one quite exposed, I will will no longer hold my cryptocurrencies through a bear.
By Ryan Wilday

Who's Buying Bitcoin Now?

As the infrastructure continues to develop and grow in sophistication, we’ll see more institutions consider crypto as an asset base.
By Ryan Wilday

Blockchain Basics - Market Analysis on Apr 6th, 2019

In Blockchain, we are seeing one of the next key developments of the internet which will change how all of us, whether interested in cryptocurrency or not, will interact online.
By Ryan Wilday

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