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Improving Your Performance

I'm attending the National Associate of Active Investment Managers conference in Phoenix.  This is a great place to get ideas from a group of very smart and creative people.  We are also seeing presentations from experts on various topics as well as interesting panel discussions.  The presentation from Bepoke's chief economist was very good.

One that I especially enjoyed (and will expand upon later) was by Dr. Brett Steenberger -- a psychologist, former professor, noted author on trading psychology, and consultant to hedge funds and traders.  His work is often valuable both for traders and investors.

One of many themes was finding the right focus for your perspective.  A trader who spends time pondering the growth in debt?  On the way to a bad ending!

Similarly, an investor who sits in front of a screen watching every market tick? Too influenced by "breaking news."

Brett encourages creativity -- going beyond the obvious.  He also emphasizes the need for reflection.  Take time to step away and just think, working on a synthesis of your ideas.

Another great point:  Don't look to improve just by examining mistakes.  Think about your methods, emotions, and attitudes at the time you made good decisions.

So much more - and a few hints on current hedge fund thinking.

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