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Kirk Spano

"World's Next Great Investing Columnist" --MarketWatch

Introducing Myself & Sustainable Investing

Hello Investors

My name is Kirk Spano and I will be covering the intersection of Sustainable Investing and what I dubbed in the press as the "smart everything world" for FATrader. I wrote a short introduction on the topic that you can read and discuss here: 

Here's The Biggest New Trend In Investing

I have been investing for over 25 years and am a Registered Investment Advisor. I have a verifiable public track record on TipRanks that is even better if you can see the 2-year time frames. In 2011, of the Wall Street Journal network, named me the "Next Great Investing Columnist." 

On MarketWatch you will have known me as the guy who beat Citigroup and Goldman Sachs to calling the shale revolution. I also called the oil crash in June 2014, five months before it happened. I am intimately aware of the workings of oil and gas. Prior to my time with MarketWatch, I was primarily a tech analyst. I knew to sell tech investments in 1999 and in fact bought Occidental Petroleum and Petrobras in 2000 as replacement investments. 

I point those things out because my investment interests are not ideological. I use a process that analyzes secular trends, government policy and central bank actions to lead me to the universes I invest in. The tea leaves are all pointing in one direction now - the start again, stop again, sustainable investing revolution is finally upon us.

My deep dives into the fossil fuel industry, currencies, macroeconomics, technology and other industries over the years have led me to one conclusion: there is an undeniable linkage between sustainable investing and technology. It is that intersection that we will study to find alternative energy investments, but also smart grid, smart building, smart city, smart industry, smart healthcare, smart agriculture, AI, AR, VR, EV and many other market beating investment ideas.

I hope you'll join me on this journey and discuss sustainable investing ideas that can lead us all to more freedom.

I'm from a hard working, middle class, Midwestern family and I have a simple mission, to help you reach your highest level of financial freedom. 

Kirk Spano covers Sustainable Investing as one of the original contributing analysts at FATRADER. Named the "Next Great Investing Columnist" at MarketWatch, Kirk has been getting the jump on secular trends for over 20 years, and now sees investing in alternative energy, smart grid, EVs, agriculture, healthcare and water as the most likely place to make outsize profits in coming decades.
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