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Avi, Ryan, Andy, Erik, Lynn, Barry, Beth you rock! With you guys I feel I have a team around me before making any investment decision.
"DeanCRO" "(FATrader)"
I started here less than a month ago and have easily paid for this FAtrader service for the year.
"ciderapple" "(FATrader)"
Having followed you for several years on SA, you have been the most consistently accurate analyst I've ever read.
"Ruffian" "(FATrader)"
This site is like the “newspaper” that I never had (or never existed), I read it in the morning with more passion than I’ve put with Tolstoy. . . .For the first time in my life I feel that a service is tailored 100% for me and if somebody wants to find this quality of services in banks, money management companies, etc. ... you just can’t find it.
Dan "(FATrader)"
Truly feel blessed to be a charter member of FATRADER. The detailed attention to such wonderful FA by this group of analysts is extraordinary.
"PRICE" "(FATrader)"
I'm still in AWE of the talent assembled into one service!!! I am a charter member for life!
"nickgho" "(SeekingAlpha)"
FATRADER, is a gift for what it offers. HIGH QUALITY of analysts and information.
"jivesa" "(SeekingAlpha)"
I just want say, THIS SITE IS FANTASTIC. THANK YOU to all the analysts, backroom staff, and members that have made this happen
"Dimitri" "(FATrader)"
I really appreciate the expertise across the different areas all in one service. That's perfect for what I am looking for.
"anne" "(FATrader)"
Took a quick peek inside FATRADER. Understood pretty quickly Mr. Bhavaneesh Sharmah alone is worth the ticket price
"ChicagoJack55" "(SeekingAlpha)"
as a new FATrader member i am finding . . best array of articles and views anywhere.
"frogmaier" "(SeekingAlpha)"
FATrader is far better than reading the WSJ
John Reints "(SeekingAlpha)"
Kirk Spano's market calls are amazing. He offers an entire continuum of perspective from a fine-grained analysis to a global and futuristic one. He is funny, insightful and hard working.
jojoma3 "(Seeking Alpha)"
Avi, you are THE BEST in this business. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me and my life. I cannot thank you enough.
PSK "(ElliottWaveTrader)"
The best I have ever seen in the biotech space...I have been in the biotech investing space for a while and have not seen a service like the one Dr. Bhavneesh provides.
Prescient-Sage "(Seeking Alpha)"
Thank you for this week's economics lesson, Professor [Miller]. Your calm, objective, sane and sober approach is greatly appreciated amidst the hysteria and noise that is constantly competing for our attention....Your generosity in sharing knowledge and wisdom is a precious gift.
Glass1/2Full "(Seeking Alpha)"
Avi, your approach and professionalism. and the time you take to look after every one on this site is superb. You're a great mentor and I can't thank you enough for turning my trading around.
BobbyJ "(ElliottWaveTrader)"
The Hecht Commodity Report ... is a must have! I highly recommend it and is worth every penny and more!
Freinvest "(Seeking Alpha)"
Have to say you are a flipping genius Avi. I'm playing all my portfolio so well that I actually feel like a professional!
"Simon" "(FATrader)"
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